Our mission

LOGYTalks aims to disrupt global conferencing! Our goal is to ease the interaction, spread knowledge, while keeping the essence of a physical conference.

Built on the "one-to-many and many-to-one' concept for viral impact, we offer an 'open-mic & open-stage' opportunity for conferenciers, scientists, researchers and consultants to create, share, and grow as a community.

Our ‘verticalized’ platform is here to humbly connect these knowledge providers with their audience and make their online-meeting interaction similar to reality.

Our values

Thinking together to achieve greatness: We do believe in the energy of human connections, knowledge spreading and in making science for all a priority.

Environment:Our platform is digital, and therefore, eliminates all the pollution and waste existing in physical meetings.

Security/Privacy:All your online meetings are 100% secure, end-to-end encrypted.

Besides, to make sure your virtual room is locked and have complete control over who is joining, you can use the “private conference” and “business conference” to assure yourself complete confidentiality.