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At LOGYTalks, we've redefined the landscape of virtual meetings and online events, crafting an all-encompassing platform that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Our mission is clear: to unite professionals from diverse fields, providing a dynamic space for business owners to elevate their visibility by fostering meaningful interactions with showcasers, fellow entrepreneurs, and individuals keenly interested in your industry.

At LOGYTalks, we are more than just a virtual meeting platform—we are architects of connection, builders of bridges that transcend distances and foster meaningful interactions. As a team, we are driven by the passion to bring professionals from diverse fields together. Our commitment lies in creating a space where business owners can shine by engaging vertically with showcasers, fellow entrepreneurs, and individuals genuinely interested in their industry. LOGYTalks is not just a platform; it's a community, a virtual nexus where the world converges to connect, collaborate, and elevate.

In a world defined by digital dynamics, the need for a virtual meeting platform like LOGYTalks is paramount. We recognize that visibility is the key to success for any business owner. LOGYTalks provides you with the unparalleled opportunity to be seen, heard, and connected globally. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring business owner, or someone passionate about showcasing your expertise, our platform offers the stage for you to shine. Embrace LOGYTalks to transcend geographical limitations, amplify your presence, and unlock a world of possibilities.

LOGYTalks operates as your comprehensive toolkit for redefining the way you connect with the world. Our platform seamlessly integrates a suite of cutting-edge tools and features to make virtual interactions effortless and impactful. From dynamic presentations to interactive discussions, LOGYTalks empowers you to engage with co-workers, clients, showcasers, and your target audience like never before. The process is simple yet powerful—join, connect, and elevate. Step into a world where connectivity knows no boundaries, and your virtual presence becomes a force to be reckoned with. LOGYTalks: Transforming the way you meet, connect, and succeed.

Breaking free from geographical constraints, LOGYTalks is committed to the core objective of bringing professionals together, engaging them, and amplifying their visibility on a global scale.

Our commitment is reflected in a robust suite of tools and features meticulously designed to reshape the way people connect. Whether it's with co-workers, clients, showcasers, or your target audience, LOGYTalks facilitates seamless interactions that transcend the limitations of physical proximity.

Discover the power of virtual connections with LOGYTalks – where innovation meets interaction, and your visibility knows no bounds. Join us as we redefine the future of online collaboration and events!

Connect, interact and build meaningful connections, an online meeting platform and much more.

LOGYTalks is an all in one virtual meeting platform that is destined to bring together professionals from different fields to create an engaging opportunity for all business owners to be more visible and that’s by interacting vertically with showcasers, business owners, and individuals who might be interested in the field of your business.

Regardless of geographical boundaries, bringing professionals together, engaging them, and making them more visible LOGYTalks’s main mission.

By offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features that reshape the way people connect with their co-workers, clients, showcasers, audience and partners.

Our Values

Our values are what makes us among the leaders of video conferencing platforms in the world, and that’s by combining between solving recurrent problems that professionals may face while being on a video conference, and respecting the environment, and respecting the privacy and the security of our users.

Thinking Together to Achieve Greatness

Achieving greatness together through thinking together, is what makes LOGYTalks at the epicenter of a great process of sharing ideas, and presenting them.

Under a fluid and easy form that suits everyone, as we understood that what makes a good virtual conference platform is how you present the solution to professionals.


Our digital platform offers a sustainable alternative to traditional physical meetings by significantly reducing environmental pollution and waste.

In an era where our planet's well-being is a growing concern, it's crucial to embrace innovative solutions.

Security/ Privacy

All your online meetings are not only convenient but also 100% secure, thanks to our robust end-to-end encryption.

In today's fast-paced world, where video conferencing has become a cornerstone of communication, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection of your discussions is paramount.

Meet the founder

Driss Ennaanay is an entrepreneur, an environmental consultant, a lecturer and an experienced executive in international development and Business strategies.

His passion for sharing his knowledge can be traced back to early 2000's, where he spent significant time making an impact by allocating his technical expertise and leadership internationally. He is now setting new standards for LIVE conferencing spaces.

While his speaking engagements have taken him to several places and online platforms. Driss is proud to call LOGYTalks home, not only his, but the whole researchers’ home. Where they enjoy free access to live conferences worldwide.

Benefit from a vibrant community of researchers, thought leaders and professionals from different fields.