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Water Innovation Week
  • calendar 21st Nov 2023 - 24th Nov 2023
  • user20 Speakers
  • users1500 Attendees
About this summit

Water Innovation Week is a virtual event that brings together leaders and innovators from various sectors to discuss and find solutions to the world's most pressing water challenges. The Summit for Water Innovation is a two-day event that features a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops. The summit focuses on exploring the latest water technologies and innovations, discussing the policy and regulatory frameworks that support the adoption of these technologies, and sharing best practices and success stories. The summit attracts a diverse range of attendees, including policymakers, governmental agencies, industry leaders, researchers, and NGOs. These individuals and businesses come from more than 170 countries.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this summit, but not limited to:

Emerging technologies for water treatment and distribution,

Sustainable water management practices,

Water conservation and efficiency technologies and strategies,

Water quality monitoring and analysis,

Innovative financing mechanisms for water infrastructure,

Strategies for managing water scarcity and drought,

Impact of climate change on water resources,

Water governance and policy frameworks,

Best practices for stakeholder engagement and collaboration,

Water security and risk management.

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The speakers that are confirmed for this summit are:

Dr. Cat Shrier

Founder of WaterCitizen Foundation

Laith Al Yacoub

Water and Environment Engineer - IWMI

Monika van der Merwe

Managing Director - IQ H2O

Priyanshu Kumath

Founder-CEO Clean-Water

Craig Rothleitner

Founder - ARI Water Solutions

Our Agenda

Discover the agenda of this summit:

21 Nov 2023 03:30 AM (America/New_York)
Nature-Based Solutions ,Water ,Water & Technology ,Freshwater Ecosystems ,Water treatment ,Water quality ,Waste water treatment ,Waste water infrastructure
WaterBody Rejuvenation by Nature Based Solutions
Waterbody Rejuvenation including Water Quality Improvement, Ecological Restoration & Beautification by Nature Based Solutions. How to revive, restore and beautify lakes, ponds, streams, drains, rivers, etc.
See More Presented by : Priyanshu Kumath
Duration : 45 Minutes
21 Nov 2023 06:00 AM (America/New_York)
Business ,Water
Fostering Collaboration: Public-Private Partnerships in Water Innovation.
Interested to become part of the solution to help South Africa with the serious water crisis through collaboration ? The Topic on "Fostering Collaboration: Public-Private Partnerships Opportunities in Water Innovation in South Africa" offers a targeted exploration of the unique challenges and opportunities within the South African context. The talk commences by acknowledging the specific water-related issues faced by the country and their impact on sustainability. The structure follows a comprehensive path, addressing the global water challenge, defining and understanding Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and illustrating successful collaborations worldwide. South Africa's role in fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors is highlighted the key challenges and opportunity. The discussion delves into overcoming challenges specific to the South African landscape, including barriers and innovative solutions. Real-world case studies are presented to showcase successful PPPs within the country, offering practical examples that resonate with the audience. The role of technology and innovation in addressing South Africa's water management issues is explored, emphasizing the transformative power of PPPs in driving advancements. The topic concludes by outlining a tailored blueprint for future collaborations in the South African context. Audience engagement is encouraged through a dedicated Q&A session, allowing for dynamic discussions on the region's challenges and opportunities in water innovation.
See More Presented by : Monika van der Merwe
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Nov 2023 04:00 AM (America/New_York)
Environnement ,Water & Technology
The benefits of ESG integration
The conference aims to answer the question on how to make companies more profitable, and provide them with new financial and investment mechanisms through environmental integration. The conference will properly define Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) metrics, and field the challenges and opportunities to properly integrate ESG components into organizations. It also aims to unlock the potential of ESG in fostering green growth across the private sector, and its' contribution to reserve natural systems and enhance fragile communities.
See More Presented by : Laith Al Yacoub
Duration : 30 Minutes
22 Nov 2023 06:00 AM (America/New_York)
Science & Technology ,Engineering ,Agriculture ,Water ,Energy ,Finance & PPP ,Business ,Environment ,Education & Training ,COVID-19 ,Food ,Chemistry ,Commerce ,Communication ,Personal Development ,Electric ,Electronics ,Energetic ,Environnement ,Finance ,Hydraulic ,Logistics ,Maintenance ,Management ,Maths ,Mechanical ,Physics ,Production ,Project ,Quality ,Security ,Thermal ,Testing ,testingFrid ,Sales ,Personal Branding ,Learning & Development ,Business & Entrepreneurship ,Technology ,Information & Communication Technology ,Agriculture & Technology ,Water & Technology ,Finance & Technology ,Internet of Things ,Transportation & Mobility ,Logistics & Supply Chain ,Materials & Packaging ,Sustainability ,Natural Resources ,Health ,Leadership & Development ,Marketing & Sales ,Entrepreneurship & Small Business ,Insurance & Technology ,Media & Advertising ,Literature & Arts ,consumer solutions ,Desalination Technologies ,Water Management ,Water Loss Reduction ,NRW Reduction ,Leak Detection ,Equitable Distribution over water network ,Water resources management ,Freshwater Ecosystems ,Nature-Based Solutions ,Scientific ,Analytical and technical expertise of industrial water and wastewater management ,Water diplomacy ,Water sustainability ,Carbon credits ,Sustainable food systems ,Water and development research ,International Water Law ,Transboundary Water Resources ,Hydrology ,Water Cycle ,Remote Sensing ,Water treatment ,Chemical dosing ,Sewers ,Water quality ,Sanitation ,Circular economies ,Water Supply ,Water Safety & Health ,Water Finance ,Waste water treatment ,Waste water infrastructure ,Water law ,Policy ,Science ,Water Economics ,Marketing ,VR/AR ,Blockchain & Crypto ,Cyber Security ,Fintech
See More
Stormwater killing our major source of oxgyen the ocean a solution exists
Stormwater the process to contamination from drain to waterway and ocean
Presented by : Craig Rothleitner
Duration : 30 Minutes
23 Nov 2023 10:30 AM (America/New_York)
Water ,Water & Technology ,Water resources management ,Freshwater Ecosystems ,Water and development research
The Future of Water Entrepreneurship
Water Innovation has become big business, and Water Startups are being left behind. WaterCitizen.Org (supporting People Passionate About Water) has created a new event - the WaterPitch! Water Startup Matching Extravaganza! - which brings together Water Startups, Investors and Clients, in a well-structured and curated event. At our events, the Water Startups are the heroes, and we provide coaching and other support to ensure every startup leaves our event with at least one prospective investor or client! We look forward to interacting with our audience on their biggest challenges in the water innovation space, and how we best serve and support the Water Innovation Community!
See More Presented by : DrCat Shrier
Duration : 60 Minutes
Benefit from a vibrant community of researchers, thought leaders and professionals from different fields.