Online Conference Platforms | Live Video Streaming Solutions
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Connect & Conversate LIVE!

Engage with your target audience market and present your content, with an easy video conferencing platform that will help you connect and stay updated with interesting matters.

One to Many & Many to One

The speaker(s) and audience members can see and interact with one another. This brings your events live into life!
Thanks to an all in one online conference platforms, you can speak, interact, and invite a limitless number of people to watch your online video conference.

One-Stop Hub

Connect with the community, create, discuss, and share content - all in one place.
Dive into immersive virtual video conferences for an enriching interactive experience with professionals from the same field as you are and without having to go elsewhere.

No software download or platform installation is required

Engage with your target audience and present your content, without having to go through the burden of downloading the app, all you have to do is sign, create your virtual video conference and you will be set to start.

Grow Your Professional Network

Here you will find members in your field of interest through our virtual vertical community!
Our Video Conferencing Platform will help you network directly with professionals that have already been live on the virtual video conference to present their research or are willing to do it.

Vertical Categories-Fields of Focus

LOGYTalks covers a wide array of fields, from science & tech to agriculture, energy, COVID-19, finance & PPP, education, and beyond! Dive into dynamic video conferences to explore these topics in an engaging way. Join us and fuel your passion for knowledge!

Take your talk and conference to Global audience

Extend your reach to a global audience with the power of a video conferencing platform. Elevate your talks and conferences, connecting with people worldwide.

Benefit from a vibrant community of researchers, thought leaders and professionals from different fields.